Music therapists can work with parent/caregivers from infancy to promote attachment and parent infant bonding, as an early intervention for pre-school children to help reach developmental milestones, with children, adolescents, adults, elder care right up to end of life and palliative care. Music therapy can support positive change in adults and children who experience physical, behavioural, social, emotional and/or communication difficulties. These difficulties may arise from, for example:

ASD/ADHD Mental Health: Depression/ Anxiety Bereavement or Trauma Learning Disabilities: mild to profound Elder Care : Dementia /Alzheimers/ End of life support Neurological Disorders: Stroke / Acquired Brain Injury Palliative Care: End of life support


Music therapy interventions can encourage communication, social interaction and imagination. It can also promote wellness and improve the quality of life for people with conditions on the Autistic Spectrum.


Promote parent infant bonding and strengthen relationships. Increase expression and social interaction. To improve and facilitate a child in achieving development milestones.


Music is a form of sensory stimulation, which provokes responses due to the familiarity, predictability, and feelings of security associated with it. Promotes memory recall which contributes to reminiscence and satisfaction with life. Positive changes in mood and emotional states. Provides individual’s with a sense of control over life through successful experiences. Emotional intimacy when spouses and families share creative music experiences this can be very meaningful for family members and provides a sense of sharing and meaningful interactions.


Explore personal feelings and therapeutic issues such as self-esteem or personal insight. Make positive changes in mood and emotional states. Increase motivation. Provide a sense of control over life through successful experiences. Improve self-image, increase self-esteem and decrease anxiety/agitation.

If you require additional information on how music therapy can benefit  you or a family member in a specific population please contact me without hesitation.